Sunday, 13 December 2009

Session 11: Resources and references

INM348 - Digital Information Technologies and Architectures
This section contains all the links and references used in this set of blogposts.

A note on hyperlinks: All the hyperlinks in this blog were tested and retrieved on 22 December 2009. Where I have referenced hyperlinks in a blog entry, I have put the full URL in square brackets to enable my PDF creator to make these links live. This extra text isn't included in any of the word counts.

If you are reading the PDF and, for any reason, the link does not work, please refer to the blog itself for the working link.

This blog URL, available at:
 Personal webspace, available at:
Simple CSS, available at:
XML example, available at:
XML example DTD, available at:

Javascript exercise for session 9, available at:

BBC Technology News, Blogger marks 10-year milestone, available at:
Berners-Lee, T and Fischetti, M (1999) Weaving the Web: the origins and future of the World Wide Web, London: Orion Business
Bing home page, available at:
Blogger dashboard, available at:
British Library online integrated catalogue, available at:
Castro, E. (2001) XML for the World Wide Web, Berkeley, Calif.: Peachpit Press
City University London, web library catalogue, available at:
DITA lecture notes. CitySpace (City University Virtual Learning Environment). Available at:!1034102646!!80!-1!815643302!!80!-1
DITA lecture notes, Session 9 (Applications Development). CitySpace (City University Virtual Learning Environment). Available at:!1034102646!!80!-1!815643302!!80!-1
Englander, I. (2000) The architecture of computer hardware and systems software : an information technology approach, New York: Chichester; Wiley
Flanagan, D (1998) JavaScript: the definitive guide, Sebastopol, CA: O'Reilly
Livejournal homepage, available at:
Morville, P & Rosenfeld, L, (2006) Information Architecture for the World Wide Web (3rd ed), Sebastopol, CA: O'Reilly
Mouchel corporate website, services page. Available at:
Google UK homepage, available at:
Google help page, available at:
Googleguide website, advanced search operators page. Available at:
Tesco homepage, available at:
Tutorialised website, Javascript tutorials pages. Available at:

University of California Berkely web search comparison page, available at:

W3Schools website, available at:
Web Resources Depot - free vector maps page. Available at:
Wikipedia - Cascading Style Sheets. Available at:
Wikipedia - hyperlinks. Available at:
Wikipedia - GIFs. Available at:
Wikipedia - JPEGs. Available at:
Wikipedia - PNG. Available at:
World Wide Web consortium, Tim Berners-Lee profile page,
available at:
Wordpress homepage, available at:
Zen Garden CSS design website, available at:

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